Domain Registration / Configuration and Renewals

Registering a domain name is a straightforward process and there's no reason you shouldn't register your domains yourself. We work with and recommend several domain registration companies, primarily

What to watch out for when registering a domain name

Coming up with a unique domain name can be hard work, especially when you take into account the sheer competitiveness of the domain name industry.

Just to cite a recent example, consider this: Within seconds of Kate and William announcing the name of the royal baby, the domain name had been purchased, followed by a couple of hundred more variations on his name.

These domain names are registered by resellers who are looking to turn a profit by selling them on at an inflated price.

Can this affect me?

Yes. If you're looking for a particular domain name and it's something quite common or popular (for example, then it's probably already been registered by a domain name reseller. On the other hand, if you find a domain name you want and register it, but forget to renew it then someone else might snatch it up. This is why it's very important to make sure you renew your domain names well in advance.

You need to watch out for Domain Name Front Running too. DNFR involves unscrupulous domain registration companies buying the domain names you want seconds after you've searched to see if they're available or not. They can do this if you use their websites to search for domain name availability, which is why you should use a trusted registrar such as

There's no way of knowing for sure whether certain domain name registration companies actually practice DNFR but it's best to be the safe side.

Tips to avoid Domain Name Front Running and other scams from domain name registration companies

  1. Write down the domain names you want on a piece of paper.
  2. Make a decision on which ones you want and stick to it.
  3. Only go to the domain registrar that you plan to buy from.
  4. Don't check for the existence of the domain by typing it into your browser window. That query for a non-existent domain name is noted by your ISP and can be sold on to registrars. Don't take the risk!
  5. Don't check whether the domain name is available with other registrars (other domain name registration companies).
  6. If the domain name you want is available then buy it immediately. It may be available now but not a few seconds later! Don't just check and imagine you'll be able to purchase it later on -- that's way too risky!
  7. Never, ever, post in a forum asking for opinions about whether a particular name is good for such and such purpose. When you do you run the risk of someone else quickly registering that domain name before you get the chance to.

Our domain name registration services

We can take care of registering and maintaining your domain name if you prefer to focus on the areas where you can add more value. We already handle a vast portfolio of domain names so adding a few more is no problem.

We charge £55 per year for TLDs* for the major top level domains such as .com, .net, .info, .org, etc. We can register international domains that perhaps you are struggling to register such as .eu

Same price £55 per year for .es domains.

For domains we charge £50 per year.

We charge £65 per annum for .cat domains.

We can help you plan your domain name registration strategy if you're not sure whether to buy .com, .net, .org, a combination of the above or the new domain names that are coming out, for example .shop, .coffee, .taxi, etc -- there are literally hundreds of new domain names to choose from!

If your business is of a certain scale, you may need worldwide brand protection services which we can also help with.

* This applies to all TLDs, EXCEPT the new TLDs like .media, .management etc. It also does not apply to premium domains.


  • We purchase and configure the domain for you with an optimal set-up (e.g. making sure both www. and no www work, pointing it your website and any other particular requirements).
  • We make sure it's working smoothly throughout the year and handle any issues that might crop up.
  • We take care of any changes that you might need in regards to the domain, for example setting up the records you need for custom email to work, creating subdomains, etc.
  • It's easier if we handle it.
  • Free domain privacy comes included.

Other services

If you decide to migrate a domain from our management to other management, we charge £90 to manage our end of that process.

Please contact us now to know more about domain registration & configuration and renewals.