Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Google and other search engines seek a reputation for being the best at helping people find information online. This drives their usage and profitability via adverts. They use programs called spiders to crawl the web and record information about web pages. They use algorithms to analyse the information and to determine the ranking of results for a given search term. So, their algorithms are designed to list as organic results, sites that people will find valuable for a given search term in descending order, starting with the most valuable.

White hat search engine optimisation (SEO) is

  1. making your website and whatever you offer as valuable and competitive as possible for relevant search phrases and
  2. maximising the perception of value as determined by the search engine

Your competitors are all optimising, you need to be smarter, faster and deliver more value. Our specialists have been winning the SEO race in the UK since 2003 and in Barcelona since 2005.

Not sure where to start?

SEO is a step by step process. Our SEO Starter Package is the perfect first step.

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Our off-the-shelf SEO packages

Our made to measure SEO service

Our SEO consultants provide an efficient, in-depth, SEO consultancy service which joins up with our conversion optimisation, email marketing and web metrics services and with our wider web development and digital design services.

Our mission is to deliver for you maximum profit and minimum risk in your online operations.

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