Digital Design

Digital Design

In addition to the elements that can be used in traditional design such as:

  • text
  • photography
  • images

Digital design can incorporate a wider array of multimedia including

  • videos
  • animations
  • sound
  • dynamic content

Furthermore, the key to successful digital design is in obtaining user interactivity. This requires pleasant feedback for users at every step of their journey as they interact with our digital work and that we facilitate an easy and rapid journey towards the information they were looking for.

Digital design at the service of your marketing objectives

Above all, the overall digital experience should be planed and developed so that users are lead towards specific target actions such as purchasing, registering, watching a video etc.

To do this, your web design needs to take into account the profile of the typical user groups. Websites, banners, interactive brochures, email campaigns and infographic, landing pages... different digital media requiring coherent and symbiotic planning and realization, always with business objectives in mind. Because interactivity is the common denominator, the same disciplines of accessibility, usability, navigability and information architecture are brought together to get the right result: easy navigation through a clearly indicated journey which effortlessly persuades the user to take the desired action.

Intelligent design that automatically adapts to any screen or device

It's worth giving special mention to the design technique known as responsive design. Who hasn't found a website on their phone or tablet only to find it completely unusable? Responsive design is the best technique to deliver an optimal experience on all devices without unaffordable maintenance costs

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