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WordPress websites, optimised for mobile devices

WordPress is fantastic for all but the most complex of website requirements making it the best choice for the vast majority of small and medium size business (SMEs). At Profitable Web Projects we can help you optimise your website with responsive design and WordPress, so that it displays correctly for all your users regardless of the device or browser they are using.

WordPress is the most used content management system worldwide, it was launched in 2003, around 60% of all websites are built using WordPress and without doubt is an efficient and cost effective way to deliver your new website with a high level of quality.

WordPress websites position well in search engines. WordPress is open-source and therefore 100% customisable, it's very easy to use

WordPress Personalised Starter Package

Just look at what's included in our cross-device compatible WordPress offering! Take advantage and your website will have the image that your company deserves on all devices. Take the opportunity now to differentiate from your competition with all these benefits:


Yes, of course, if they use the same template as your existing pages then, you can add them yourself in the content management system, we offer training for £80 per hour or trained staff to take care of everything for you for just £35 per hour

Yes, of course, it costs an extra £200 for the multilingual set-up

Yes, of course, that costs just £100 and is well worth having

If you don’t have a Google Account, you can go here to set-one up or we can set an account up for you. We charge £40 when we do the account set-up for you.

Yes, of course. Apart from adding your own images for free, we can also help you find high-quality and professional images from a stock photo database with the appropriate copyright. This costs £60 per image chosen.

Yes, of course, we offer expert digital marketing copywriters for £65 per hour

We will use the power of the template when laying out your content, if you have particular additional requirements we can handle these, our web design rate is £60 per hour and our content mark-up specialists are at just £35 per hour.

We start with templates that are offered as responsive and compatible with all the major devices, we test before we start, but at these prices nobody is providing a guarantee, unless your design requirements are particularly complicated it's not normally necessary to do thorough testing but this can be done for £125

Generally when a website displays correctly in Chrome and Firefox on PC it displays correctly on Mac in Safari and Chrome as these are all browsers that follow the established web standards closely. If you want us to test for compatibility we charge £50 per browser

To keep your site safe, WordPress needs to be kept up to date, we charge £45 every time we do this and it must be done at least every 6 months. If your website has lots of traffic or a high profile, we'll advise you to go for more frequent updates.

Yes, we are a digital marketing agency, we have specialists in SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing, Conversion and Metrics, Social Media etc. We'd be delighted to work more closely with you in any of these areas.

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