International eCommerce

International eCommerce

Profitable Web Projects can help you prepare and implement your online marketing in different markets around the world. We have a wealth of experience in multi-lingual websites, multi-currency eCommerce sites and effective marketing on different continents.

One of the most powerful benefits of the web is the ability to reach a worldwide audience easily and cost effectively. However, it's one thing to be technically able to sell worldwide, quite another to effectively target customers who may speak a different language, use a different currency and have different cultural responses to your marketing messages.

Some questions you should be asking if you want to target customers effectively around the world:

  • How is the web consumed in the countries you wish to have an impact? The USA has a high proportion of mobile web users, for example. Other areas of the world may be using comparatively outdated technology.
  • Have you sorted out the logistics of selling around the world? If you're selling a physical product, there is little point in successfully enticing international customers to buy your product if the cost of shipping ultimately turns people off.
  • Did you know that while in the West the colour red often means danger, in China it is associated with good luck and in India with purity. Have you thought carefully about the tone and imagery of your website and are you sensitive to cultural sensibilities?

If you're looking for help with developing a website for an international audience, give Profitable Web Projects a call for some sound advice.

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