Managed IT Support / IT Planning

Time is money and when your IT doesn't deliver you're losing both. Our managed IT support services focus primarily on prevention rather than on cure. We help businesses to stabilise their present IT situation and then take incremental steps within agreed budgets to more resilient and robust IT infrastructure.

We are collaborative in our approach, we understand that there are IT functions that will be performed internally, IT functions that can be performed internally provided there are experts available to assist if things don't go smoothly and IT functions that require external expertise.

We realise that for a sustained relationship of mutual benefit your return on IT expenditure needs to be maximised, that's why we work to assist and develop your internal IT leaders so that as high a proportion as possible of your spend with us goes towards taking your IT forwards rather than keeping it running

We provide a minimum level of maintenance and management of networks, servers and workstations as part of a service level agreement for a small monthly fee and we respond to IT emergencies that may arise within agreed time limits.

We help you improve your IT security practices, your licensing and compliance practices and can provide IT training for your teams

We consult with you regarding the business requirements from your present and future IT investments. We help you plan and execute stable and smooth transition from present tools and practices to more efficient and productive ones.

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